What is Loop Recycled Paint?

Did you know that unused paint is considered hazardous waste? Who wants that in our landfills or our water? Especially when it can be professionally recycled into great-quality, low-cost recycled paint!

That’s where Loop comes in. We collect leftover paint, sort it, and then process it into gorgeous new colors.

First, we separate out lower-grade and inferior paints so that only paint from famous brands you know goes into making our Loop paint. (We sell the lower-grade paint at reduced prices to discounters and exporters, so it doesn’t go into landfill, either.) Because Loop recycled paint is made from better-grade paints, you get the quality and features of a high-end paint—things like smooth, easy coverage and high durability—for less. Every batch includes a small amount of new material such as colour pigment to ensure quality and consistency.

Loop paint undergoes stringent in-house and third-party quality controls before it gets packaged for sale under our Loop or Blue Moose recycled paint brands. You can count on our paint to deliver incredible results every time—or we’ll gladly refund the cost of your purchase!

So far, we’ve diverted millions of kilo’s of unused paint from our landfills while providing savvy customers with a low-cost, high-quality paint choice.