Loop is the recycled paint brand of waste collector and recycler Photech Environmental Solutions located in St. Catharines Ontario. We work with Stewardship Ontario and industrial partners to reduce and ultimately eliminate Ontario’s waste paint. Click here to learn more about us.

Loop is Smart Paint

As the only household-to-retail paint program in Ontario, our mission is to divert as much paint from landfill and incineration as possible. We do that by delivering a high-quality recycled paint that offers homeowners the all features they normally expect — smooth, easy coverage, gorgeous colours, and high durability — AND at a lower price than high-end paints. Loop Premium Recycled Paint is available exclusively on

What is Loop Paint?

Right now, in garages, attics and basements there are millions of gallons of unused paint. Every year Ontarians generate enough leftover’s to paint the interior and exterior of 9000 two-storey homes! We collect this paint through partners such as ProductCare and then sort the paint by type, color and quality. From there we create consistent colors and test the paint for quality according to industry standards such as sag, opacity, coverage, and durability. Every batch must have a small portion of new material such as color pigment to ensure quality and consistency. This re-processed paint is then packaged and delivered to retailer’s province-wide.

Can I trust Loop paint to look good?

Since Loop is unused paint, left-over from homeownes’ projects around the province its still very useable. Loop paint undergoes stringent in-house and third party quality controls. No inferior paint makes it into the Loop. Before we start mixing Loop paint, we sort and separate our stock according to quality. We sell the lower-grade paint at reduced prices to discounters and exporters. We then recycle paint from the famous brands you know to create our Loop paint. Because only better paints make it into the mix, Loop’s overall paint quality -including coverage, sag, opacity, and durability — is comparable to mid-range paint.

What About VOC’s?

From a VOC perspective used paint is actually less harmful than new paint. Just like new carpet or wood floor refinishing the harmful gasses emitted from some paint decreases over time.

Loop In a Nutshell

Loop is Ontario’s only recycled paint brand – we take left over paint from the provinces garages and basements, sort it by quality and color, test it to make sure it’s at least a mid-grade paint then re-package it for Ontario retailers. Here are the ways Loop is different:

  • Not all paint makes it as Loop paint
  • Better-than-price quality means high customer value
  • Quality assured by in-house and independent laboratory tests
  • Tree planted for every gallon sold
  • Interactive designer showcase
  • Neighbor-to-neighbor paint exchange forum
  • Rescued cleaners product line

Want to know more about the recyclers and manufacturers of Loop Paint? Visit About Us.